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Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Speeches

wedding speech and toast, london on wedding dj tips

  <Written by DJ Rob Salvati>




  1. Focus attention on the bride and groom.
  2. Introduce yourself to the wedding guests so they know who you are and why you're speaking.
  3. Keep it personal - Write and speak from your heart.
  4. Try to relax before you get up to speak. It's uncomfortable to see and hear a nervous speaker. Everyone, including the speaker wants it to end. If you look like you enjoy being the best man and giving the toast, then everyone else will be at ease and enjoy listening.
  5. Remember to thank the last speaker for their tribute on behalf of the person they were speaking about.
  6. Keep it short, 3 or 4 minutes is okay.
  7. Try to keep your speech upbeat without mourning the deceased. A wedding is a happy occasion. If it is important to mention them, try to do so in a positive speech for windsor ontario brides
  8. Look at your audience while you're making your speech as well as the bride and groom when you are speaking to them especially when you make a toast. 
  9. Rehearse your speech and practice it over until you can say it naturally without error. Rewrite any long sentences and make sure the speech flows smoothly.
  10. Get together with anyone else who is making a speech at the wedding so you have an idea of what you'll each be saying. You don't want to be repeating a similar story or joke that someone else has prepared. Also, make sure you are familiar with the order that the speeches will be given in, so you are prepared when your turn comes.
  11. Have a friend listen to your speech and ask for constructive feedback. Re-write your speech and recite it aloud again until your friend thinks you got it right.



  1. Drink so much that you can't keep your composure, too much alcohol could make you look foolish.   
  2. Read your speech word for word from index cards. Use cards to highlight a few key points that you want to cover so you can speak naturally. For example, "I remember when John, Stacy and I went on that trip to Italy and..." then you just put the word Italy on the card.
  3. Criticize anyone during your speech including most importantly the bride and groom but also including the vendors and guests. The audience will tune you out and this will create negative vibes which in turn will make for a weak party. Also, don't mention arguments you've had with the newlyweds.
  5. Rush your speech. Take your time and speak slowly and clearly. If you have a joke or funny story, wait a few seconds after you tell it for people to laugh. If you are not the comedian type, don't force the jokes. It will make you look square.  
  6. Start your speech by apologizing for how bad of a speaker you are or by telling that you are nervous. tips for wedding speechs and toasts, ontario weddings
  7. Ramble On - Assume your audience has a short attention span and will tune you out if you don't make your point right away. Stick with things that are relevant about the bride or groom.  
  8. Talk just for the sake of talking; don't upstage the bride and groom. Your speech should be less than 5 minutes as a rule of thumb.
  9. Be crude or bring up embarrassing situations. Remember that family is listening!  
  10. Mention the bride and groom's ex-girlfriend's or boyfriends. I know it sounds obvious but it happens. 
  11. Tell Bad Jokes - We expect speeches to have a joke or two, but everyone has different tastes. Try not to say anything that would offend the couple or guests. Test your "appropriate" joke beforehand with a few people. If a joke bombs, it makes you look bad. If you get laughs, you can use it. If not, DON'T!  
  12. Forget to end your speech with a toast to the person(s) you just paid tribute to.  
  13. If the bride and groom did break up a few times before they actually got to the point of tying the knot, do not mention this! Remember, weddings are supposed to be happy occasions. Keep the mood positive.

Traditional Wedding Speech Order

  • The first is the father of the bride. He ends with a toast to the bride and groom.
  • The second is the groom.

  • The third wedding speech is the best man speech. He ends with a toast to the parents of the bridal couple.
  • The fourth one is the maid of honour.

  • The father of the groom now speaks

  • Others such as the mother of the bride also can speak at weddings. Of course bride and groom decide!


"Rob was willing to do what ever was asked of him... and even went the extra mile when he knew it was a theme party he dressed up to fit the theme. Thank you so much Rob, you are worth double what you charge!"
- Judy Harling, Windsor Ontario
"I would like to say that the DJ service provided by Rob was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Every one of our requests were honored. Rob travelled a very long distance for our wedding and was very pleasant and punctual. I would rate this service an EASY 10 OUT OF 10!!!!! Thanks so very much again Rob and all the best!"
- Gordon Booth, Hamilton Ontario
"Thanks Rob for making Suncor's evening a success. Your promptness and reliability was appreciated very much for this corporate event. Now if only I could have you come to our next wind power project opening that will be in Alberta.... ;-)
Cheers, Diane "
- Diane Shields Morrison, Delmer Ontario
"Rob "The Music Man" Salvati was the DJ at my brother's wedding this summer. He did an amazing job taking requests & playing music for everyone's tastes. Rob has a large variety of music & he did very well coordinating the evening with my family. He is a reliable DJ & I would recommend him to DJ at your next special occasion. I know who I'll be calling when I get married!"
- Amy Borland, Essex Ontario
"Rob, Thank you for your patience and of course for the wonderful job you did at the wedding! All of my new sister in-laws from Australia were "blown away".
Thanks again!"
- Ruth Krey, Windsor Ontario
"The afternoon and dinner music was great, just what we wanted, couldn't have been better. It added to the festivities. The night music worked in great when the band wasn't playing and you had just what everyone seemed to want.
Keep up the great work."
- Hilda Franklin, Wheatley Ontario
"Very happy with the DJ. I have heard only positive feedback from parents, teachers and students. We will not lose your number"
- Laura Tonkovic, Goderich Ontario
"I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did at our wedding. Everyone had a great time and loved the music. They had more fun at our wedding than at most weddings they've been to in a long time. Thank-you for making our day so wonderful. We just wanted to have fun at our wedding and we did. Everyone has told us you did a great job. We'll recommend you to anyone who asks about a DJ."
- Jennifer & Shane Oltean, Leamington Ontario
"Dear Rob, thank you so much for keeping our party going! You are a very talented DJ and it was a great pleasure to have you at our wedding. You did such a wonderful job! All of our guests were raving about how much fun it was and what great music was played. Happy holidays!"
- Laura & Steve Tultz, North York Ontario
Rob was a true delight to work with. You made our reception and dance into a real party. It was great to meet you and work with you. We are recommending you to everyone we know. Amanda and Prakash "
- Amanda Luscombe, Scarborough, Ontario
"Hello Rob,
Thank you very much for everything. Everyone complimented on the music and how well you did it all. Thanks again, and I will make sure to pass on the word..."
- Veronika & Nic Worr, Windsor Ontario
"Hi Rob, thank you for all your hard work at our wedding. We had a great time dancing to the music. Thank you for being our MC. We were very happy with your services and would gladly recommend you to our friends. Sincerely, Shannon Dickie."
- Shannon Dickie, Amherstburg Ontario
"I've had the pleasure of experiencing The Music Man's entertaining DJ service at several parties that I've attended. I have yet to see and hear a DJ that can get the crowd going like this man. I would wholeheartedly recommend this DJ service to anyone and EVERYONE!"
- Ruby Monaco, Leamington Ontario
"Rob! You did a fantastic job! (Especially on such short notice). Everyone had a really great time. You played an awesome mix of music. Maybe we'll see you at our 50th! Thanks for the pictures. If you have anymore, we'd be glad to see them.
Thanks again"
- Sandy & Marc Quenneville, Belle River Ontario