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Wedding Kissing Games




disc jockeys for wedding ceremonies windsor ontario


 <Written by DJ Rob Salvati>



  1. Wedding Kissing Wheel

    Take a spin at the wedding kissing wheel where guests can either land on 1 of 4 kiss category or 6 other consequence categories which include some hilarious party starting gimmicks like "moonwalk back to your seat", "Wear a veil until next turn", "Take a selfie with the bride and groom", "Show your best dance moves",  "Dance the hula" and "hug a stranger".

  2. Wedding Kissing Dice

    To play this game, a guest rolls the fluffy, oversized kissing dice in the middle of the dance floor. If the guest lands on a pair of lips (1 or 6), the bride and groom must kiss. If the guest however rolls numbers 2 to 5, this is where the fun begins. How much fun depends on what the bride and groom have decided upon.

    The first variation of the game is that the guest has to go around the room and kiss the same amount of people as the number they rolled. A second variation of the game assigns different tasks to the different numbers rolled. For example #2 = Do a dance, #3 = answer a trivia question about the bride and groom, #4 = sing a song and #5 = Do a trick. Consequences can vary, additional options can be found at the bottom of this list.

  3. Movie Quote Game

    Have envelopes on the table or balloons as centerpieces. Inside on a piece of paper, quote a famous line from a movie (e.g. Here's lookin' at you kid). The table must quote the correct movie to get the Bride and Groom to kiss. (Materials needed)

  4. Poem of Limerick

    Give each table pens and paper. Each table has to write a love poem or limerick and then come up to the podium to read it. The poems can also be collected after they have been read for a memento.
    (Materials needed)

  5. Sing a Song

    with the word love in it or a song that contains the bride and groom's name.

  6. Sing a TV Show Theme Song

    (ex. Theme from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

  7. Change the Lyrics

    Choose any song and change the lyrics to reflect your special day (ex. We wish you a Merry Wedding; we wish you a Merry Wedding and a Happy Honeymoon).

  8. Rewrite the Song

    Make up appropriate lyrics to: On the First Day of Marriage, My True Love Gave to me... On The Second Day... and so on.

  9. Tell a Joke

    or funny story in the microphone. (keep it clean)

  10. Wedding Trivia Game

    Have 1 or more balloons for each table beside the head table in an arrangement. Inside each balloon will be a trivia question such as the examples listed below. The DJ or MC will have the answers, some example are as follows. (Materials needed)

    Wedding Kissing Games for the Reception
    • As of today, how many years have they been together?
    • How many inches taller than the bride is the groom?
    • How many people are at the wedding?
    • How many pets do they have or will they have together?
    • If the bride had been married when she was five years old, who would she have wanted to marry?
    • On what date did the bride and groom get engaged?
    • What is the bride's and or groom's middle name? (If either have one)
    • What is the bride's Father or Mothers name?
    • Where are the Bride and Groom going on their honeymoon?
    • Where did the bride and groom meet?
    • Where did the Bride go to High School?
    • Where was the engagement ring bought?
    • Where will the couple live?
    • Which of the guests (excluding family) has the groom known the longest?

  11. Marriage Advice

    Guests come up to the podium to give marriage advice, the better the advice the better the kiss.

  12. Charitable Donation

    Pick a charity that is important to you, put a donation can by the head table. Your guests will have to pay if they want to see you kiss. For example, every $1 given to charity you will kiss for 1 second.

  13. Ring Your Bell

    Use bells at each table with a card attached explaining that they will be used to make the bride and groom kiss. (Materials needed)

  14. Top 10 List

    Make the guests come up with a top 10 list similar to David Letterman's top 10 lists. You can give each table a different theme such as top 10 honeymoon activities, top 10 reasons why the bride & groom are perfect together, top 10 famous couples, etc. (Materials needed)

  15. Copy Cat Kiss

    Couples must get up and stand in front of the head table and kiss. The Bride and Groom have to copy whatever their guests did. Another variation includes putting all the names of couples that you would like to participate in a container. Each time glasses are clinked, the DJ/MC pulls a couple's name and they kiss. The Bride and Groom have to copy whatever their guests did.

  16. Bean Bag Toss

    Create or find a bean bag board and lay it on the dance floor with one side slightly raised. The guest has 4 bean bags to get in the holes. Make larger consequences depending on how many were missed.(Materials needed)

  17. Hula Hoop

    Leave a hula-hoop in the middle of the dance floor. The guest must hula using his waist and the couple has to kiss for as long as the hula is spinning. (Materials needed)

  18. Tricycle and Sombrero

    Leave the items in the middle of the dance floor. If someone wants the bride and groom to kiss, they have to ride the tricycle while wearing the Sombrero around the dance floor. (Materials needed)

  19. A Hole-in-One

    Place a putting green in the middle of the dance floor. If the guest gets a hole in one, the Bride and Groom kiss. (Materials needed)

  20. Fish Bowl of Kisses

    Fill a fishbowl full of silver and gold Hershey's kisses. A guest must pick from the bowl to make the bride and groom kiss. A gold kiss means the bride and groom kiss, a silver kiss means the guest must kiss someone. (Materials needed)

  21. Minute-to-Win-It

    A guest makes his/her way to the dance floor to juggle 3 balloons in the air without dropping them while being timed with a stop-watch. If the guest can keep the balloons in the air for a minute, the couple kisses. (Materials needed)

  22. Wedding Simon Says

    Have Balloons as Centerpieces. Inside the Balloons have instructions as to certain ridiculous actions that the whole table must perform to get the bride and groom to kiss. Some possible consequence options include "Freeze until the next spin, Strike a pose, You and your table sing a verse from a love song, take a selfie with the bride and groom and show your dance moves". (Materials needed)



"Rob was willing to do what ever was asked of him... and even went the extra mile when he knew it was a theme party he dressed up to fit the theme. Thank you so much Rob, you are worth double what you charge!"
- Judy Harling, Windsor Ontario
"I would like to say that the DJ service provided by Rob was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Every one of our requests were honored. Rob travelled a very long distance for our wedding and was very pleasant and punctual. I would rate this service an EASY 10 OUT OF 10!!!!! Thanks so very much again Rob and all the best!"
- Gordon Booth, Hamilton Ontario
"Thanks Rob for making Suncor's evening a success. Your promptness and reliability was appreciated very much for this corporate event. Now if only I could have you come to our next wind power project opening that will be in Alberta.... ;-)
Cheers, Diane "
- Diane Shields Morrison, Delmer Ontario
"Rob "The Music Man" Salvati was the DJ at my brother's wedding this summer. He did an amazing job taking requests & playing music for everyone's tastes. Rob has a large variety of music & he did very well coordinating the evening with my family. He is a reliable DJ & I would recommend him to DJ at your next special occasion. I know who I'll be calling when I get married!"
- Amy Borland, Essex Ontario
"Rob, Thank you for your patience and of course for the wonderful job you did at the wedding! All of my new sister in-laws from Australia were "blown away".
Thanks again!"
- Ruth Krey, Windsor Ontario
"The afternoon and dinner music was great, just what we wanted, couldn't have been better. It added to the festivities. The night music worked in great when the band wasn't playing and you had just what everyone seemed to want.
Keep up the great work."
- Hilda Franklin, Wheatley Ontario
"Very happy with the DJ. I have heard only positive feedback from parents, teachers and students. We will not lose your number"
- Laura Tonkovic, Goderich Ontario
"I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did at our wedding. Everyone had a great time and loved the music. They had more fun at our wedding than at most weddings they've been to in a long time. Thank-you for making our day so wonderful. We just wanted to have fun at our wedding and we did. Everyone has told us you did a great job. We'll recommend you to anyone who asks about a DJ."
- Jennifer & Shane Oltean, Leamington Ontario
"Dear Rob, thank you so much for keeping our party going! You are a very talented DJ and it was a great pleasure to have you at our wedding. You did such a wonderful job! All of our guests were raving about how much fun it was and what great music was played. Happy holidays!"
- Laura & Steve Tultz, North York Ontario
Rob was a true delight to work with. You made our reception and dance into a real party. It was great to meet you and work with you. We are recommending you to everyone we know. Amanda and Prakash "
- Amanda Luscombe, Scarborough, Ontario
"Hello Rob,
Thank you very much for everything. Everyone complimented on the music and how well you did it all. Thanks again, and I will make sure to pass on the word..."
- Veronika & Nic Worr, Windsor Ontario
"Hi Rob, thank you for all your hard work at our wedding. We had a great time dancing to the music. Thank you for being our MC. We were very happy with your services and would gladly recommend you to our friends. Sincerely, Shannon Dickie."
- Shannon Dickie, Amherstburg Ontario
"I've had the pleasure of experiencing The Music Man's entertaining DJ service at several parties that I've attended. I have yet to see and hear a DJ that can get the crowd going like this man. I would wholeheartedly recommend this DJ service to anyone and EVERYONE!"
- Ruby Monaco, Leamington Ontario
"Rob! You did a fantastic job! (Especially on such short notice). Everyone had a really great time. You played an awesome mix of music. Maybe we'll see you at our 50th! Thanks for the pictures. If you have anymore, we'd be glad to see them.
Thanks again"
- Sandy & Marc Quenneville, Belle River Ontario