Introduction Music

Song Artist
 Another One Bites the Dust  Queen
 Austin Powers Theme Song  Quincy Jones
 Celebration  Kool N the Gang
 Crazy Train  Ozzy Osbourne
 DJ Sammie  We’re in heaven
 Enter Sandman  Metallica
 Eye of the Tiger  Survivor
 Get Ready For This  2 Unlimited
 Get This Party Started  Pink
 Its a beautiful day  U2
 Lets Get it Started  Black Eyed Peas
 Let's Get Married  Jagged Edge Feat. Run DMC
 Lets get ready to rumble  Jock Jams
 Love at First Sight  Kylie Minogue
 Mambo # 5 Extended mix  Lou Bega
 No Limit  2 Unlimited
 Rock & Roll Part II  Gary Glitter
 Rock Around the Clock  Bill Haley & The Comets
 Star Wars - Main Title  John Williams
 Tequila  The Champs
 Walk this way  Aerosmith
 Wipeout  Surfaris